Saturday, 16 August 2014

Day 4

One of the highlights of today's narration was the well known story about enmity between Prajapati Daksha and Lord Shiva. Prajapati Daksha was the unchallenged ruler of that time, and as there is saying: "Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely!" he became proud beyond borders and wanted Lord Shiva to obey him. Although Daksha gave his daughter Sati to be Lord Shiva's wife, this just made the situation worst. Ultimately Lord Shiva prevailed and Daksha saw his mistake but not without consequences.

To keep ego in check is one of the most difficult things, therefore Guru bhakti and devotion to God plays very important part in spiritual progress and keeping our ego minimal.

 Puja on the Srimat Bhagawat performed by Mahant Triloki Das Goswami.

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