Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Kalash Yatra

Before the start of any auspicious programme, Kalash Yatra is performed. Kalash Yatra is the procession of several ladies who are each carrying a water pot on their head or in their hands, which is topped with a dry coconut and decorated with leaves of the ashoka tree. On this occasion, at the front of this procession was a person who is carrying a special book on his head, the Srimad Bhagawat.

Our journey starts with the necessary puja (ceremony) for the book in Harihar Mandir, Shyam Nagar.

When everybody is ready, the procession begins.

Musicians are walking at the front of the procession and people are dancing from time to time.

Pandit Rajendra Joshi, kathavachak, the one who will read and explain the life of Krishna, is also carrying the holy Purana on his head.

The procession went through the whole of Shyam Nagar (suburb of Jaipur). In this way everybody gets to know that a program is taking place and can join.

The book reached Om Vishwa Guru Deep Ashram and MM Swami Gyaneshwar Puri Ji also carried the Holy book.
At the end of the reading, there was a little satsang and an announcement for the next days' programmes, which will start at the auspicious time of 1pm.

All are most welcome!

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